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Jeep #12: Frame Rust Repair Part 3

Finally got done welding (both sides) of the rear frame. It took a while longer to get done thanks to Dragon*Con and a trip to New York with Jeep #18 owner Boomerjinks. I thoroughly welded all sides of the frame with the plates and then hit them with a layer of rust preventing paint, and then black paint. It turned out great, but it makes the rest of the rusty frame really stand out now!

Here is the passenger side, the driver side looks the same:

Now to put the gas tank back in, and drive the Jeep without a top for a few more weeks before it becomes too cold to do so!

Jeep #12: Frame Rust Repair Part 2

Just an update on the Jeep’s rusty frame repair. I have managed to get one side done. What a pain in the ass this is being! The welder is acting funky and throwing sparks like crazy, I have several very nice burns on my arms, hands, and legs from molten metal. I’m overall pretty happy with how the welds are turning out. Perhaps a little grinding and then adding a layer of rust encapsulator and chassis paint.

Jeep #12: Frame Rust Repair Part 1

This will be the first in several posts about fixing the frame rust, as I will not be able to finish it all today, or in 1 single day. The fuel tank removal took longer than I had wanted, and I’m sure installing it will not be any easier. The reason for removing the fuel tank was ofcourse to get in there and repair the frame rust that has plagued the Jeep. The repairs should be very strong, and as long as it doesn’t immediately rust out again, it should last several years before I need to think about replacing the whole frame. Here is the rust that I have managed to break free from the outside (and inside) of the frame. Consider that I had gotten rid of a lot of rust prior, and it all ads up to A LOT.

Here are the plates that I have purchased to do the repair. I got them from a guy on JeepForum, but I think he also sells them on eBay. They are very thick ~1/8″+ laser cut steel, to which I made a few modifications. Here they are clamped in, but in the next few days they will be fully welded into place.

Jeep #12: Fuel Tank and License Plates

Since it was in the 70’s today I decided it would be a good time to get some much needed work on the Jeep. I was ambitious to think that I would be able to get all of the work done today, but the rust monster has struck again. I intended to repair the rear frame area rust, which unfortunately requires removing the gas tank. It took a lot of cutting, cursing, and cramping but I managed to get the gas tank out after a few hours. Most of the rubber hoses will need to be replaced however, because when the tank was last installed (either by someone, or at the factory) all the clamps were installed upside down and inaccessible.

I will have to resume the welding sometime later this week.

In the meantime I had some stickers made and I decided to see how they would look like on a license plate blank. They need some tweaking and overall are too big, but a set in the right direction for an accurate license plate. (BTW…. would anyone like to buy one?) I also took a quick shot of my work area’s Jurassicness.

Jeep #12: Amberlamps!

To follow in Boomerjink’s footsteps I am finally getting my Amber Lights ready to be installed on the rear of my Jeep. These lights are Explorer Pro-Comp 9250 lights that I bought from an online retailer. They took 2-3 months to arrive. Not going to recommend that company here.

The lights are extremely close to the ones on the original Jeeps, and I would not be surprised if an older style of these lights were what was used. They must have updated the lights recently though, as the lenses were actually clear, and the reflective surface was what was amber. So in order for these to actually look right they need to be painted.

Here is what I used to paint the lenses. It is Krylon Stained Glass paint in amber color. Its about $10 for a spray can and is available at Michaels Arts and Crafts store.

The lenses in the Explorer Pro-Comp are made of glass, which makes them very easy to paint. If you screw up, it can be sanded down.

Here is where the lights mount. Note that there is a bolt on the bottom to secure to the top of the rear light.. It actually sits down on top of that light and does not stick up this high. The lenses are also not installed in this photo…

Hopefully I can get these installed and wired in the next few days.

Jeep #12: Half Painted Fenders

You may have recalled that I ordered and recieved a set of new fenders a month ago. The fenders were completely black primer and ready for paint, and I know that when I get the Jeep painted that they will probably not paint the inside of the fender. So I ordered up a spray can of Sand Biege Low Gloss Metallic from an online paint suppler. I prepped the fender with a little surface cleaner and then put on two and a half coats. Turns out there isn’t as much paint in those cans as you would think… but atleast one fender looks well coated on the inside.

Jeep #12: Back to Action

Well. It has been a long time since I have posted an update. It has been very busy the last month or so, and I have not had the time (weather permitting) to work much on the Jeep. This week I am making some progress on some very important parts. For today, the following things have been replaced: Transfer Case Seal, Transfer Case Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Rear Brakes, Rear Bump Stops, Rear Shocks.

Its nice to get some work done. Hopefully this week I will be able to take care of the rear frame rust issue. If not there is still a few components that need to be done on the front suspension yet.

Jeep #12: Jurassic Park #12 License Plates

I ordered one of these two weeks ago from ThriftySigns.com. Its my own design that I submitted to them. Its a fairly decent plate, and isn’t too bad for under $20. I notice now that I made the 12 the wrong shape and size, and the I.N. C.R. needs a bit of work… but it gets the message across. The whole thing is several layers of vinyl, which I wasn’t expecting!

Jeep #12: Sweet Motorized Searchlights

I managed to pick up three Jabsco 135SL searchlights from eBay for the lightbar on the Jeep. These are the real deals as found on Jeep #12 in the movie. They are fully motorized and able to rotate and sweep almost the entire area of the Jeep! They normally retail for $200, but I managed to pick up these three for about $120 each. I just need to find one more.

Jeep #12: Jeep Poncho

Tonight is the first night it is supposed to have a slight chance of rain. As you can see the hardtop is no longer on, and I haven’t had the time to install the soft top yet. So I picked up this nifty Bestop cover that will keep the rain out. Pretty cool actually, takes only a few minutes to put on and take off.

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