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Jeep #18: Grey or Tan?

Brum Brum Brum.

Rollcage goes back on tomorrow. It’s been too windy to enjoy being topless the last few days, and the forecast for this weekend’s sci-fi convention looks to be rainy…

Also, I was playing around with the colors of my jeep and found that desaturating the gray doesn’t make it more gray, it makes it tan… O.o

Jeep #18: Rollcage Off, Windshield Down

I pulled the interior yesterday, gave it a good long cleaning and scuffed it up for it’s bi-annual application of herculiner. I try to make sure everything is clean and pretty on the cars every year, but last summer was spent building the new Ecto, and I completely neglected the Jeep. Once I had the liner on I touched up the paint on the ends of the rollcage, painted my center console forest green (the blue has just gotten too nasty and faded), and retouched the bumpers. Man what a difference a little touch-up work on the dings and scratches make for my perception of this Jeep!

But I’ve created a dilemma in pulling everything out of the jeep. When I first got it, I drove it around town all summer long sans rollcage, with the windshield folded down. I fell in love with that go-kart, zero-blind spot sensation, and I felt I lost a little bit of it every time I added something to the jeep. Initially it was just the roll cage that bummed me out. Then the black soft top hardware, and the lightbar, followed by the lights. I felt like I was getting boxed in, and that my gloriously-simple topless vehicle was becoming just another ordinary car. Now that I have everything pulled, I DON’T WANT TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER! lol

Jesus christ. Now I am debating risking life and limb to drive a wildly unsafe, and amazingly awesome, Jeep around town, putting off replacing all the rollcage parts as long as I can…. oh jesus.

Jeep #18: Jurassic Park and Ride

Jeep #18: These Lights are the Best

Jeep #18: Into the Great Outdoors

Jeep #18: April 24, 2009

A date which will live in infamy.

Jeep #18: Now Spring is Really Here

Well now that weekend winter is apparently over and the weather is back to 70 degrees, here’s a picture.

The bolts holding the winch on have already oxidized, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. I’ll have to find new bolts that can endure more than 12 hours of moisture, I guess.

Also, the hydraulic controls for my clutch died, so I’ll have to take care of that before I get the steps on. Not that I’m, complaining. Since I bought the car I’ve only had to spend $12 in parts to keep it running smoothly. Not bad for a 20-year old car, eh?

Jeep #18: Spring is here!

Jeep #18: Light Bar Installed

I have decided not to do the go-lights, simply because they cost about $250-$300 each, and there are four of them. Add that to my hesitation of putting anything that can be easily unbolted and walked away with, and no fucking way. I’m already terrified about someone stealing my winch, to the point of asking a buddy to leave tacks of weld on the bolts once I get it on. I currently have two light bars, the one you see in the pictures will have lights attached to it, and the other will just be a bare-bones bar like in the opening scenes. The one in the pictures is a little taller than I’d like it to be, but from my best estimates it is the same height as those in the movie.

Jeep #18: Light Bar Painted


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