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Jeep #18: Interior Detailing

Update time!

Today was spent coating the interior of the jeep, covering up as much white as possible. I also had the windshield replaced, so the car is now borderline street legal.

Current state. New fender flares and rubber cowl seal are on their way from Quadtratec.

Pretty black trim that I treated and repainted today. It was certainly NOT black and shiny when I started.

I absolutely love the contrast between the windshield and…. everything! I need to fix up the interior door panels and reinstall them, so what you see is the white metal door. Also, the dash cleaned up very nicely, no need to replace the dash like I though I’d have to.

Ahhh, new interior! Coated and sealed to a semi-flat black. No rust, and easy to wash out

I also called Jeeps Unlimited down in Erie and found a new box-style set of rollbars, as well as a pair of Sierra Edition sidesteps. So it’s looking like this jeep will be very, very close to the original.

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