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Jeep #18: Painted!

Well, the paint job is done. I have some wicked orange peel texture in front of the windshield and two or three runs which I’ll have to wet-sand down this weekend… but other than that, the hard part is over!

Masked and ready to go. I spent so much time figuring out ratios for the stripes size, and laying under the wheels with a protractor trying to get the angles just right. Goddamn!

End result. It’s not perfect, but it is a VERY pretty 17-year old Jeep!

The shiny new paint job is complimented by the brand-new lighting gear that came with it. On the jeeps in the movie, there is a small orange light above the main tail lights. I am debating whether or not I should forgo that and instead outfit the rear lights with little protective cages. As of now, they’ll stay as-is simply because they look so good.

Back at home after a rather interesting 3-mile night drive. The bolts on the hood are temporary until I get around to painting them flat black.

Handsome stripes.

Tomorrow looks like it will be spent wetsanding and prepping the inside of the jeep for rhino coating. I may also drop off the vector art for the logos at the shop where I got my Ghostbuster graphics.

  • David

    June 19th, 2015

    What were the angles and widths that u had to figure out. how did you decide where to start. and what did you use to mark on the car? one last thing what color of red did you choose?

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