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Jeep #18: Soft Top Hardware

So in order to keep my project jeep more ‘canon’ to the film, I bought an aftermarket factory-style soft top hardware set, along with a matching brown bestop. Basically I caved in during a heavy rainstorm somewhere between Longmont and Boulder at like two in the morning, deciding to get a soft top just for such occasions. I figured it would look like the jeep in the movie and if the weather got ridiculously shitty I could pull the whole thing up with minimal effort and continue on my way.
The jeep I bought came with a black supertop, the hardware of which doesn’t look anything like that in the film, but I managed to set up the whole thing by myself, with no previous knowledge or experience, in about a half hour.

Tonight Logan and I tried getting the new thing on, and for the love of god two hours later we still can get it to fit perfectly. The hardware setup is ingenius, with the sliding bars that fold down and all lock together. But the actual canvas part, mother of GOD… fuck YOU bestop. I figure that if I am on the road with that thing and it starts raining, not only will the storm have passed by the time I get it all zipped up, but it will likely be a whole different season. 

Hey it looks shnazzy and cannon and all that, but I don’t quite think I like it. If I can figure out how to make the top work tomorrow then I’ll likely keep it, but for the trouble, the impracticality of it, and how it generally makes the jeep feel that much more closed-in I might just return the sucker and seek out a used Supertop.

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