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Jabsco 135SL Search Lights

The search lights used on Jeep #12 are Jabsco 135SL fully motorized search lights. Their most common application is on boats and RVs where directional light can be important. They are still available from Jabsco through retailers and distributors and generally retail for $200-$250. However a deal can be had through eBay to find them for closer to $100 from time to time.


• Constructed of noncorrosive materials
• Sealed beam halogen lamp
• Remote control and 15′ cable included
• Long life gear drive
• Low amp draw
• Patented clutch mechanism prevents motor damage when running against limit stops

The Jabsco lights on the Jeep were modified with a corrugated rubber tube along the stand, and a rounded metal “brushguard” around the main housing.

  • felix

    April 2nd, 2015

    Do u have any steps on how u established the light bar and the lights

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