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Jeep #12: Frame Rotisserie

Just another quick post.

Someone asked me why I didn’t have a rotisserie to mount the frame to. I didn’t have a good answer other than because rotisseries are expensive. Then I remembered I have two engine stands sitting there. I went to Home Depot to pick up some bolts and reused the Jeep’s old suspension shackles to rig this up in about 20 minutes. The only problem with the engine stands is the fact that they are tipped upward slightly, but with a little bit of play everything lines up and┬áspins no problem.




Jeep #12: Preparing the Frame and Body

It’s been a year and half since I got that new frame, and about 8 months since I started tearing down the Jeep. Well. Its finally time to show some new progress on the project!

I’ve been slowly doing little bits of work to the Jeep body and frame. Removing body panels, removing the dash, disconnecting hoses, draining fluids.. etc. I am now at a point where I am almost ready to remove the body from the old frame. The body currently only has 1 or 2 bolts holding it down, and a few linkages and things to remove from the firewall. Here is how it currently looks:


It wouldn’t be wise to dive right into removing the body right now though, as I have no where to put it. I could do a few things to it, but then it would be waiting for the engine and new frame to get finished. So I decided to move on to the new frame. I was originally planning on not doing anything major to it. It is in amazing shape for being 20 years old, but it could certainly use some new paint. I decided to strip the frame down to just the single metal component. I will be picking up a soda blaster and stripping the frame down the best I can, and then coating in rust encapsulator and chassis black paint. Here is a look at how it currently looks:


After the frame is done, I will have to find new Dana axles (mine are horribly rusted too), and then will install the brand new lift kit (1.5 inches) to the frame. Once that is all setup I can move on to the engine, and then the body. The body will also get the rust treatment on the bottom, and some body panel repair in the back. Some of the parts will be painted sand beige poly before being installed, but the main body will be repainted after being installed back on the frame.

Jeep #12: Frame has arrived!

We just picked up this Jeep frame from a local guy. It is virtually rust free. There are a few spot of surface rust that will be easy to take care of, but this frame will be a great start. We’re gonna clean it up, install the new lift kit and suspension and then start swapping parts over from our Jeep! That might not happen for a few months, but we’ll be collecting parts and doing little things to prepare in the meantime.

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