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Jeep #18: Fender Flares and Tires

I was told early on that painting the plastic fender flares with the same paint I was going to use on the body of the car would be a bad idea because of how inflexible it is; anything bumps into the flares and the paint shatters. With that in mind, I decided to do the flares with a latex paint, priming them with average rattlecan primer.


Turns out this isn’t the case. Modern paint hardens to about the consistency of a bouncy ball… or so my new sources have said. So I am going to paint the flares with the extra paint I have ( I seriously have enough red and gray to do another jeep… maybe #10 this time, rip off the windshield and cover it in mud… maybe load an injured chaotician in the back?). Unfortunately, the primer I have on it is too weak for the high-quality paint to adhere to. I have to strip all six fender flares now. Luckily it’s not that hard, a little bit of laquer thinner and some steele wool… comes right off. It’s just a pain in the ass.

Now, on to the main event!

*Image Not Found*

I managed to get the wheels on yesterday. The tires were supposed to be at the store on Saturday, but apparently some driver chipped his tooth and… blah blah blah. The tires I bought were initially WAY too small, they look just goddamn silly. So I shelled out some more cash and got the next size up. They still seem a little small to me, but I figure I’ll wait until I have the flares on to decide if I need to go bigger.

*Image Not Found*

God they look cool!

There it is…

Right-side mirror arrived yesterday, it is so pretty and new, I may just replace the left-hand mirror as well… I mean they are only $34. Rollcage covers arrive tomorrow, so I’ll have the seatbelts and rollbar attached after I get back from Cheyenne.


Jeep #18: Mirrors and Details

The restored bumper, bumper cover, with new corner horns. The little jeep logo look brand. fucking. new. It’s ridonkulous.

Left mirror (of which I have two), painted and good to go.

It’s a nice accent, don’t you think?

Very. Very. Red.

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