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Jeep #12: Work. Work. Work.

Hey guys! Its been a long time since I’ve posted an update. Lots of things have happened since the last update. I am now in Denver Colorado with the likes of Boomerjinks and his Jeep #18. We loaded the Jeep up earlier this week and drove 1000 miles from Minneapolis to Denver, through back country roads over the course of 2 days. It was pretty eventful for the Jeep. The rear brake lines burst somewhere in Nebraska, and we drove the remaining 450 miles with limited (front) brakes. Then somewhere in Colorado, the fuel pump started to whine and go out.

It took three days of work to get the rusted brake line out. It should have been easy, but due to the massive amounts of rust.. it was not. The fuel pump was also done during this time, and all in all the repairs only cost about $90. Here is a picture of the Jeep being worked on in our new awesome warehouse space in Denver! (Notice the rust accumulating on the floor.)

Once it was back together we decided to take it out into the mountains and up to Boulder Colorado for the night.

While stopping into this scenic overlook the Jeep took a pretty big hit and damaged the front suspension. The sway bar bracket broke, as did something else that has yet to be identified. (It can be heard but not found yet.) We attempted to drive back from Boulder, but ultimately had to get it towed. It was very ironic that we drove hundreds of miles on broken brakes and a failing fuel pump… but one $5 bracket was what stopped us from driving home.

The good news is. We immediately found a great Jeep frame here in Colorado from a local Jeep builder. The frame will alleviate a lot of the problems we’ve been having with rust, and will be a perfect frame for a restoration. We’ll be taking the body off some time this Summer and swapping the body over along with the engine. The suspension will be replaced with new leafs that will give a modest 1.5″ lift. While the body is off, some body work will be done, and parts will be painted and rhino lined. We hope to do the actual painting and Jurassic Park conversion on this Jeep over the winter.

Jeep #12: Back to Action

Well. It has been a long time since I have posted an update. It has been very busy the last month or so, and I have not had the time (weather permitting) to work much on the Jeep. This week I am making some progress on some very important parts. For today, the following things have been replaced: Transfer Case Seal, Transfer Case Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Rear Brakes, Rear Bump Stops, Rear Shocks.

Its nice to get some work done. Hopefully this week I will be able to take care of the rear frame rust issue. If not there is still a few components that need to be done on the front suspension yet.

Jeep #12: Brakes and Struts

Today was only half rainy. Here is what I got (half) done.

Took the front bumper off. I ended up finding a 1/2″ drive T-55 to do the lower bolts and then finished them with a 3/8″ drive. I’m gonna sand down the bumper and put a fresh coat of paint on it along with the tow hooks. I also need to clean up the frame ends and hopefully put some paint down on them.

I lifted it up and took the driver side tire off and started to do some brake work. I installed new rotors and pads without much problem. I picked up really nice “Ultra Premium” rotors from Napa. They are by far my favorite rotors of all time. I’ve had them on the last 4 cars that I have owned. They are painted black with a machined rotor surface. And that paint lasts and lasts, they almost never get any kind of surface rust.

Speaking of rust. Everything is really rusty. I look at my suspension and just think.. god. I want to replace that, that and that. I’ll have to start pricing everything out. But I really might replace my hubs, tie rods and the like. Maybe next time I have the wheel off I’ll look into it. I definitely need to wire wheel a bunch of the rust and get some paint on down there.

I also installed a new Monroe Sensitrak strut and a rubber bump stop.

I decided not to tackle the other side since I’m tired now, and it is supposed to start raining in the next hour. Here is a photo:

Jeep #12: To-Do List

The body is amazingly almost completely rust free. The frame however is not so lucky. The front and rear sections are common for rusting, and they did. The front was already repaired, and the rear will be done. I suspect the frame is probably 60% there.. there is a lot of surface rust.

Here is the current to do list, with parts stacking up:

-Install Steering Stabalizer
-Install Sway Bar Bracket
-Install Bump Stops
-Install Shocks
-Install Pads / Rotors
-Install Rear Drums
-Install new TC Output Seal
-Change Oil in TC and Transmission
-Repair Rear Frame Rust
-Remove / repaint Front Bumper
-Install Bumper Guards
-Install Foglights on stock brackets (clean / paint brackets).
-Install Rear Foglights and wire in switch.

I should have front fenders, half doors and (now) a windshield frame on the way. I might pick up some paint to start laying down as a protectant. It really needs to stop raining for me to get some of these things done.

Jeep #12: I found the Jeep

This is the start of my build. It is a 1993 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. (The correct car is a 1992 Jeep Sahara, there is no difference between this car and the movie car).

I purchased this car today for $4000. Its quite a bit of money but it is probably worth more. The previous owner had a lot of work done to it and provided me with receipts for thousands of dollars worth of work rannging from the clutch, to brake lines, and frame repair. It only has 73,000 miles on it.

Came with full hard doors and a hard top. The first owner may still have the half doors and soft top. I hope I can get my hands on them. There is a bit of rust as you can see, but it is all quite basic. The worst is on the windshield frame and on the full doors. I will be cutting out metal when I can (or replacing parts). It will all be repaired right.

After purchasing the Jeep I brought it over to my buddy at Tires Plus and we did an “Inspection”. Went under it and found some parts that need to be replaced such as the steering damper, sway bar links, transfer case seal and rear axle seal. I wanted to take a look at the parking brake and find out why it wasn’t working properly. Turns out the parking break was SEIZED ON in the driver side drum. The brake was getting hot. We just cut the line and it released the brake.  Problem solved.

Noticed the frame has some rust where the rear leaf spring attaches. I hope that will be a easy fix. Do they have frame end kits I can buy to weld on?

We checked the oil and it was rather low. So we also did an oil change. Now the car has a slight knock, but I think it will be ok.

After repaying my buddy at Tires Plus with food, we hung out in the parking lot and figured out how to disable the seat belt buzzer and get the lights to work. I guess we were at it for a little while the battery ended up dying and I had to push start it.

Time for a new battery too!

Overall, I am loving this thing.

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