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Jeep #29: Rear License Plates

Mounting both replica license plates in the stock locations means you are no longer legal.  Some states require both front and rear state plates, so check your local laws if you are concerned about being illegal.  Rear Plates are required in all states, and rear plates must be illuminated at night.

My jeep has a hitch, which adds another surface on the back of the jeep.  The hitch is farther back than the stock jeep rear bumper plate (the piece that the bumperettes attach to).  So the tube for the hitch would get in the way of seeing the plate from the rear if I mounted it to the rear bumper plate I had to mount to the hitch tube.   I decided I didn’t want to just screw the plate into the hitch tube, as there would be very little support for the plate, and I thought it would get bent too easy.

To deal with this situation I came up with the following solution:

An all metal license plate frame (I got mine from O’Rielly’s for $10)  mounted to the hitch tube.  A set of “bolt lights” (I got mine from amazon $7).  Since my jeep had a rear hitch, the trailer wiring was in place, so I tapped into the trailer harness for power for the bolt lights.  I used a 2 pin trailer wire($3) to allow me to disconnect the lights if I have need to do so.  Here’s what is looks like.  The plate fit perfectly between the center hitch and the bumperette.

Plate Bracket

Plate Bracket

Illuminated Rear Plate

Illuminated Rear Plate

Jeep Plates

Jeep Plates

You can also see I got my vanity plate from Colorado, and there in the right side of the last shot is my garage “couch” made from the ripped/nasty rear seat I replaced.

Considering my plates, I did also pick up a pack of “security” license plate screws as well.  The pack I picked up had long bolt style, short bolt style, the style that screws into plastic, the plastic tabs, and the special tool.  So all three of my plates now have these special screws/bolts in them, just in case someone thinks they can get a quick souvenir.  😉

Jeep #29: License Plates

Celebrity Machines makes Jurassic Park Plates, in #12, #18, and blank.  Since I am doing #29 I had to order the blanks.  I received mine a few weeks ago, but I was waiting to be sure my “vanity” plate from the state was approved.  I got the letter yesterday that JP 29 is now my license plate, so I went ahead and finished off the blank celebrity plates with #29.  If you order blank plates from Celebrity Machines, tell him what number you want and he will include the 3m numbers you will need.

The numbers are 3″ tall by 1 1/4″ wide.  The yellow section is 3 1/4″ wide(from red strip to emboss).  So 2 1/2″ for numbers and 3/4″ for free space, and you get 1/4″ free space on each side and inbetween the numbers.  For height placement, with the screw hole it seemed better to have more “gutter” at the top the above the lettering i.n. C.R. (Isla Nublar/ Costa Rica).  It ended up about 3/4″ at top and 3/8″ at the bottom.

They look great, now I just need to wait for my state plates to get made.

Jeep #12: Jurassic Park License Plates

We just got in our new stamped metal license plates from Celebrity Machines. They are absolutely great quality and are by far the nicest replica license plates you will find!


Jeep #12: Fuel Tank and License Plates

Since it was in the 70’s today I decided it would be a good time to get some much needed work on the Jeep. I was ambitious to think that I would be able to get all of the work done today, but the rust monster has struck again. I intended to repair the rear frame area rust, which unfortunately requires removing the gas tank. It took a lot of cutting, cursing, and cramping but I managed to get the gas tank out after a few hours. Most of the rubber hoses will need to be replaced however, because when the tank was last installed (either by someone, or at the factory) all the clamps were installed upside down and inaccessible.

I will have to resume the welding sometime later this week.

In the meantime I had some stickers made and I decided to see how they would look like on a license plate blank. They need some tweaking and overall are too big, but a set in the right direction for an accurate license plate. (BTW…. would anyone like to buy one?) I also took a quick shot of my work area’s Jurassicness.

Jeep #12: Jurassic Park #12 License Plates

I ordered one of these two weeks ago from ThriftySigns.com. Its my own design that I submitted to them. Its a fairly decent plate, and isn’t too bad for under $20. I notice now that I made the 12 the wrong shape and size, and the I.N. C.R. needs a bit of work… but it gets the message across. The whole thing is several layers of vinyl, which I wasn’t expecting!

Jeep #12: New Personalized License Plates

I got my new plates in the mail yesterday and just got around to installing them. They are personalized plates that say “JP 12”. Check them out:

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