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Jeep #18: Red Wheels – Redux

As my wheels have been accumulating grime and brake dust since 2007, I’ve been meaning to get around to touching them up. Eventually I’d like to have them mediablasted and powdercoated for a real nice long-lasting color that is easy to clean (scrubby scrubby with no chippy chippy), but for now I figured a quick and dirty repaint would be in order.

The rear wheels are fine, and have never gather much grime. But the front wheels are more (IMO) black than red these days. My first step was to nail all my wheels with Purple Power Wheel Cleaner.

This stuff is pretty brutal for an off-the-shelf cleaner. Spray on, leave on for 30-60 seconds, then rinse off. I hit my wheels with this and then scrubbed the hell out of them (against directions, but since I’m not worried about damaging the existing paint, whatevs). I hit them a few more times, let them dry and I was good to go.

(please excuse the phone pictures)

I slid painters tape into the gap between the wheel and the tire, then used 3×4 notecards to shield the rest of the tire. I honestly thought I’d need more than this to protect the tire, but it worked great. Then, against better judgement, I painted my wheels without sanding them. I used Rustoleum Gloss Cherry, hoping to be a little brighter than the stripes so that when it darkened a little it would match better. I stuffed toilet paper between the spokes to prevent paint from getting on my brakes or any of the bits behind the wheel.

Imagine my surprise at how well it worked out!

So yeah, great poppin-red wheels in about an hour or so. The tires are untouched, too.

Jeep #18: Jurassic Park is Frightening, in the Dark

Went to a Weird Al concert the other day and managed to catch him on his way out afterward. He didn’t see the Jeep at first, then was thrilled when he noticed our temporary logos. It was a pretty awesome experience.

Jeep #18: Somebody Call Da Amberlamps

Small yet significant addition. I finally mounted the rear amber markers.

Very simple autozone-style fog lights hit with stained glass paint. These will act as placeholders until more accurate lamps are sourced.

Jeep #18: I’ve Gots to Axe You Something.

I took the Jeep up to Granby this weekend to see my parents for Father’s Day. It was an excuse to get out of the hot city and enjoy the cool mountain air, more than anything.

Saturday morning the folks left early for a 5k event in Winter Park, I putzed around the old house and property for a bit before getting ready to go home. I had a car show back in Denver at 2pm, and I wanted to get a little mountain driving in(without a functioning winch, foolishly) before getting back on the highway, so I started up the hill around 10am.

The forests in Granby have been hit hard by pine beetle infestation, with something like 90% of trees older than 10 years being killed. It’s really quire horrible. Younger pines and firs seem to be immune, but vast tracts of forest have turned red and fallen down, or are currently being logged for the purpose of preventing a massive forest fire. What that means is that logging roads have opened up everywhere. I took a BLM road up the mountain and was enjoying myself thoroughly when I came to a runoff stream (not a year-round stream, just an area where melting snow has saturated the ground), with a downed tree going across it. I drove over the tree, but too slowly. Without enough speed, I couldn’t make it out of the little bog. My tires quickly became coated in the slicker-than-two-eels-wrestling-in-a-barrel-of-snot mud, and I wasn’t going anywhere. In my attempt to turn towards dry land and get out, I promptly got my front bumper hung up on a large log.


So, here I am, halfway up the mountain, by myself, with a non-functioning winch, and nobody back at the house where a large tractor and other useful things reside. I figure if I can find my dad’s chainsaw, I can cut up the log and get out on my own. I accept the challenge of bailing myself out and head down the mountain in my Tevas. I get back to the house and check the garage and wood shed for the chain saw. It’s nowhere to be found. I grab the keys for one of the remaining cars and head down to the pole barn where the tractor, skidder, and snowmobiles live. No chain saw. I check everywhere it could be, nothing to be found. I think to myself that I’ve really screwed the pooch on this one. Then I look up on the shed wall and spy a hand-cranked comealong and…. an axe.

I knew right then that today was going to be a day.

Thirty minutes later I was back at the Jeep, blasting Andrew W.K. from the stereo as I went to town on that log.

Boomerjinks vs. Nature: THE ROAD TO VICTORY

Rolled the log out and away, tossed some of the remaining chips into the mud in the hopes of appeasing the traction gods.

The loss of traction is what got me into the predicament. This is FAR from the worst I’ve ever been stuck, but being by myself and not having a winch is what did me in. You can see in the above picture how saturated the ground was from how deep the tires were sinking into the soil.

Aftermath. There’s the downed tree that I had no trouble getting over…

Where I got stuck on the log. You can see I took down a few saplings as I powered out….

Freedom! Wonderfully filthy freedom!

So yeah, got stuck, and got myself out with a fucking AXE. It’s been month since I felt this manly.

Jeep #18: Tagged

Small update, but a little something I’ve neglected to take care of. Word of advice, get as much work done to your jeep before getting it into daily driver condition. You’ll have so much fun in that thing that you’ll forget to get any more work done.

The thing I’m particularly excited about is that I figured out how to loop the attaching cord so that the tag faces forward naturally, instead of rotating and facing side-to-side. Hopefully this also keeps it from flopping around frantically, which is the main reason I’ve driven without one for so long.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll get around to getting the winch fully wired up, and next week I will be taking care of the accurate lightbar. Then in July, new tires and powder-coated wheels!

Jeep #18: Grey or Tan?

Brum Brum Brum.

Rollcage goes back on tomorrow. It’s been too windy to enjoy being topless the last few days, and the forecast for this weekend’s sci-fi convention looks to be rainy…

Also, I was playing around with the colors of my jeep and found that desaturating the gray doesn’t make it more gray, it makes it tan… O.o

Jeep #18: Rollcage Off, Windshield Down

I pulled the interior yesterday, gave it a good long cleaning and scuffed it up for it’s bi-annual application of herculiner. I try to make sure everything is clean and pretty on the cars every year, but last summer was spent building the new Ecto, and I completely neglected the Jeep. Once I had the liner on I touched up the paint on the ends of the rollcage, painted my center console forest green (the blue has just gotten too nasty and faded), and retouched the bumpers. Man what a difference a little touch-up work on the dings and scratches make for my perception of this Jeep!

But I’ve created a dilemma in pulling everything out of the jeep. When I first got it, I drove it around town all summer long sans rollcage, with the windshield folded down. I fell in love with that go-kart, zero-blind spot sensation, and I felt I lost a little bit of it every time I added something to the jeep. Initially it was just the roll cage that bummed me out. Then the black soft top hardware, and the lightbar, followed by the lights. I felt like I was getting boxed in, and that my gloriously-simple topless vehicle was becoming just another ordinary car. Now that I have everything pulled, I DON’T WANT TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER! lol

Jesus christ. Now I am debating risking life and limb to drive a wildly unsafe, and amazingly awesome, Jeep around town, putting off replacing all the rollcage parts as long as I can…. oh jesus.

Jeep #18: Jurassic Park and Ride

Jeep #18: These Lights are the Best

Jeep #18: Into the Great Outdoors

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