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Jeep #18: New Vinyl Installed

The new 18s look fantastic!

The last stuff was reflective material so it actually changed colors depending on what angle you were looking at it, but these babies are flat gray and pretty!

Rollcage and flares tomorrow, I’ll be enjoying tonight as my last night that I can easily put the windshield down.

Jeep #18: Vinyl Installed

Spent 2 minutes taking pictures… they aren’t great, but you’ll get better ones later.

Everything is excellent, fantastic, wonderful… except the 18s… their color is a little off. I’ll see what it looks like in daylight and then decide if I want them redone. 


Thass it for now!

Jeep #18: Jurassic Park Decals

Got them today… about $200 worth of 3-color vinyl, with paid labor to plot and vector out the numbers. Quite a bit of money, but they are soooooo pretty, and sooooo big!

I also scored 5 tires with the correct wheels.

I have tomorrow off, and HUGE to-do list!

-Shop for rollbar covers
-Get crap tires off of wheels
-Paint wheels
-Buy new tires
-Put new tires on shiny red wheels
-Paint fenders
-Put all old tires and wheels on Craigslist

If I have time and Chad lets me use his lift…
-Take old rear flares off
-Attach new flares
-Take off old tires and replace with shiny red ones

Here’s hoping it’s not a million degrees again!

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