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Jeep #18: Light Bar Painted


Jeep #18: Roll Cage and Side Steps

Another update. Spent the afternoon wandering around a junkyard off I-25 in 100-degree heat… and found exactly what I needed!

It’s green, and cost about $200, which I am glad to shell out for an important piece of safety equipment. It is from 1995 Wrangler, and almost fits the old rollcages mounts perfectly. We’ll have to cut out like 1/8th of an inch on the holes. The white spars that connect the cage to the windshield are from the Jeeps original rollbars. I am going to paint everything, and then cover it with tan padding just like the jeep in the movie. I am going to miss not having ANYTHING over my head while in that jeep. I suppose I can still take them off from time-to-time and crash through a fallen tree while being chased by a t-rex, jeff goldblum making me angry by leaning on the stick…

Should I paint the rollbars gray, black, or red? Or should I just leave them…. green and white? Hmmmm.

I also managed to score these:

I was ready to settle for not having the steps on the jeep, but seeing as how I’m a member of PROPTOPIA and not just some other prop forum, I’d go ahead and find myself a pair of reinforced sidesteps.

They are going to be a pain in the ass to mount, but they will look awesome.

Graphics (logos and stuff) should be done tomorrow morning.

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