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Jeep #12: Prepping the Interior for Herculiner

Today was a big day for progress on the interior. It was decided that I would be stripping the inteior and laying down a layer of Herculiner to hopefully subside any eventual rust on the body. The Jeep is in such a great shape that we were hoping for the best as far as hidden rust spots were concerned. After the doors and hard top were removed the first step was to remove the carpet and rear seat. This is a very easy task, its just a lot of fishing carpet around mounts and removing bolts.

When it came down to removing the rear seat, the first level of resistance was reached. Three out of the four bolts holding the front of the rear seat down snapped off. And they snapped off nearly flush with the surface. Getting them out will be still one of the hardest things to do.

Moving foward into the Jeep the front seats and carpet are removed. Here you can see the first glimpse at the floor rust. Like the rear seat there was some issue getting out the front seat. Two of the bolts proved to be rather difficult to remove, but came out after some finessing.

The rust on the driver side floor pan was initially viewed as horrible surface rust. As we chipped away at the rust, it was obvious that the floor would need to be replaced. There should be plenty of solid metal to weld a new section of sheet metal in place. Normally I would weld in a replacement panel, but I would much rather have this done over the weekend and not push the project back into the next week.

The rollcage bolts have been removed in the rear, and the cross bar was removed with the sound bar. Unfortunately four of the front bolts on the rollcage were sized, and stripped out several Torx sockets. We could not apply enough torque on the torx to remove the bolts. The solution was to purchase several cheap Torx sockets and weld one to each bolt. With a much larger cross section making contact with the bolt they broke loose easily with a 2 foot breaker bar.

Jeep #18: Rollcage Off, Windshield Down

I pulled the interior yesterday, gave it a good long cleaning and scuffed it up for it’s bi-annual application of herculiner. I try to make sure everything is clean and pretty on the cars every year, but last summer was spent building the new Ecto, and I completely neglected the Jeep. Once I had the liner on I touched up the paint on the ends of the rollcage, painted my center console forest green (the blue has just gotten too nasty and faded), and retouched the bumpers. Man what a difference a little touch-up work on the dings and scratches make for my perception of this Jeep!

But I’ve created a dilemma in pulling everything out of the jeep. When I first got it, I drove it around town all summer long sans rollcage, with the windshield folded down. I fell in love with that go-kart, zero-blind spot sensation, and I felt I lost a little bit of it every time I added something to the jeep. Initially it was just the roll cage that bummed me out. Then the black soft top hardware, and the lightbar, followed by the lights. I felt like I was getting boxed in, and that my gloriously-simple topless vehicle was becoming just another ordinary car. Now that I have everything pulled, I DON’T WANT TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER! lol

Jesus christ. Now I am debating risking life and limb to drive a wildly unsafe, and amazingly awesome, Jeep around town, putting off replacing all the rollcage parts as long as I can…. oh jesus.

Jeep #18: Rollcage back in

Jeep #18: Seat belts and Rollcage

The rollcage and seatbelts are done. However, impact wrenches are not too friendly to paint, so I am going to have to do MAJOR touch-up on the bolt heads. 

Jeep #18: Painted Wheels and Rollcage

PROGRESS!! Didn’t get NEARLY as much done as I’d wanted. Grr.


Got the rollbars painted. Pretty much 98% of these will be covered, but if anyone looks closely at the seams, they’ll see a nice red rollcage.

Sanding down the pits and dents on these very very old wheels. Smoothed it out for primer.

After two coats of primer and a single coat of red. I need to wait til morning and sand down some cracks on the edges of the other two wheels before I can get red on them

These are going to look so UNBELIEVABLY badass!

These wheels will be fitted with brand-new BF Goodrich tires and mounted on the jeep this saturday.


Jeep #18: Roll Cage and Side Steps

Another update. Spent the afternoon wandering around a junkyard off I-25 in 100-degree heat… and found exactly what I needed!

It’s green, and cost about $200, which I am glad to shell out for an important piece of safety equipment. It is from 1995 Wrangler, and almost fits the old rollcages mounts perfectly. We’ll have to cut out like 1/8th of an inch on the holes. The white spars that connect the cage to the windshield are from the Jeeps original rollbars. I am going to paint everything, and then cover it with tan padding just like the jeep in the movie. I am going to miss not having ANYTHING over my head while in that jeep. I suppose I can still take them off from time-to-time and crash through a fallen tree while being chased by a t-rex, jeff goldblum making me angry by leaning on the stick…

Should I paint the rollbars gray, black, or red? Or should I just leave them…. green and white? Hmmmm.

I also managed to score these:

I was ready to settle for not having the steps on the jeep, but seeing as how I’m a member of PROPTOPIA and not just some other prop forum, I’d go ahead and find myself a pair of reinforced sidesteps.

They are going to be a pain in the ass to mount, but they will look awesome.

Graphics (logos and stuff) should be done tomorrow morning.

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