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Jeep #12: Amberlamps!

To follow in Boomerjink’s footsteps I am finally getting my Amber Lights ready to be installed on the rear of my Jeep. These lights are Explorer Pro-Comp 9250 lights that I bought from an online retailer. They took 2-3 months to arrive. Not going to recommend that company here.

The lights are extremely close to the ones on the original Jeeps, and I would not be surprised if an older style of these lights were what was used. They must have updated the lights recently though, as the lenses were actually clear, and the reflective surface was what was amber. So in order for these to actually look right they need to be painted.

Here is what I used to paint the lenses. It is Krylon Stained Glass paint in amber color. Its about $10 for a spray can and is available at Michaels Arts and Crafts store.

The lenses in the Explorer Pro-Comp are made of glass, which makes them very easy to paint. If you screw up, it can be sanded down.

Here is where the lights mount. Note that there is a bolt on the bottom to secure to the top of the rear light.. It actually sits down on top of that light and does not stick up this high. The lenses are also not installed in this photo…

Hopefully I can get these installed and wired in the next few days.

  • Miss Amy

    November 15th, 2011

    So…you absolutely crack me the fuck up, not to mention I your an amazing person for having a JJ, I mean come on! It’s epic win on the home front.

    As for Amberlamps..my only reply is-Woah! Black Betty! If you haven’t seen it, I recommend youtubing Black Betty Amberlamps.

    P.S. Sorry to hear about all your current TellTale drama..this is a sad story indeed..mostly for the jeep, and yourself of course..but whatever that jeep went through, I feel awful for it. GOOD LUCK!

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