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Jeep #29: Hard Top is Gone.

I bought my jeep with the hard top, thinking I would want to use it during the winter….  I decide to sell the hard top for a few reasons.  1 – My Jeep is a spare vehicle, and I don’t have to drive it during the winter.   2 – I can use that money towards other Jeep parts I still need, IE the soft top, and fog lights..

The Hard top left my house tonight, so Now I get to convert the lift I made for the hard top into a bike hoist to get the bikes off the floor for the winter.

I have not done any other work on the jeep, but have been driving it here and there… that ends for the winter now until I get a top.

During October my family made a trip out to Orlando and went to Universal and Disney.  I got to check out the vehicles in the Jurassic Park section of Universal’s Islands of Adventure park.  The vehicles were not screen accurate anymore.  The Jeep has been repainted, and is close, but has differences if you know what to look for. (font is wrong, stripe is off a bit, missing some parts, etc..) The explorer is completely the wrong color, its purple/maroon not red.. weird.. and the Lost World Mercedes is stripped out (but it is open to weather, so that is to be expected)

The Jurassic Park visitor’s center, supposedly built replicating the visitor center from the movie was really cool though.  I picked up a Jurassic Park ball cap. (not screen accurate, but nice none-the-less) most of the other stuff didn’t catch my fancy.

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