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Jeep #18: Back from Nan Desu Kan


There it is. I kept a bunch of cleaning supplies in the big yellow tub. Tire-shine, window cleaner, tons of paper towels… blah blah blah. 

Having just received the plates while driving to the con, I simply attached them over the legal plates using sticky tabs. I plan on mounting them solidly to the car opposite the regular plates, eventually. 

Interior. I don’t get to see the stripes or logos or any of that cool stuff while driving, so I tried to spice it up from the inside. There are only a half-dozen shots of the interior of the jeep from the actual movie, so I made it as accurrate as possible, then spiced it up. InGen logos on the visor, resin raptor claw hanging from the mirror. I’d like to eventually make a “mosquito-in-amber” shifter knob, as well. 

I also plan on taking this thing up into Rocky Mountain National Park and making a spoof “Only in a Jeep” magazine ad. Should be funny, right? 

These are a couple of old old friends of mine who came out from their panels to see the jeep in person for the first time. Poor Mandi, can’t get over the wheel! She is one of the judges for the masters cosplay competition at NDK and other cons. Apparently she was a massive JP fan back in the day and she was nearly in tears while sitting in the jeep. I promised to give her some of my road flares. 

Mandi is having a t-rex paddock flashback. And Dayl’s just jazzed to be on the show.

Jeep #18: Ready for Nan Desu Kan

Well guys… there it is.


I still have to mount the sidesteps and make the lightbar, but those are the last two things.

DinoJeep completed at 12:45pm, September 14, 2007


Jeep #18: Fender Flares Painted

Jeep #18: Whip Antenna Installed

Pictures with the antenna… 

Also, I’ve wanted to make some little easter eggs for the jeep, for the people with the really keen eye. One such idea is making the shifter knob a little orb of amber with a mosquito inside. I also wanted a little Colorado Division of Wildlife sticker in the corner of the windshield. Like this 

But I didn’t want it to be a bighorn sheep. I called Gretchen, a college friend of mine who an incredible artist and pitched her the idea. The next day she sent me this. 

*fucking ecstatic!*

Sooo coooool!

Jeep #18: Rollcage back in

Jeep #18: Seat belts and Rollcage

The rollcage and seatbelts are done. However, impact wrenches are not too friendly to paint, so I am going to have to do MAJOR touch-up on the bolt heads. 

Jeep #18: New Vinyl Installed

The new 18s look fantastic!

The last stuff was reflective material so it actually changed colors depending on what angle you were looking at it, but these babies are flat gray and pretty!

Rollcage and flares tomorrow, I’ll be enjoying tonight as my last night that I can easily put the windshield down.

Jeep #18: Seats are In


My old driver seat was broken, and I would have to sit up straight on my own to drive it. These things are like little laz-e-boys, unbelievably comfortable! And the reclining part… sooo nice.

Good lord!

I am hoping the fender flares get done tomorrow. I also need to go by Action Signs so CJ can put the new 18s on the sides. Then I’ll whip on the rollcage and seatbelts, and we’ll be good to go!

Jeep #18: Sahara Seats


Good god that took a long time. The guy I bought them from still needs to refund me $68, but we’ll see how that goes.

The seats are fantastic. Shauna and I shampooed them and cleaned them up. I then pulled the old seats and the center console, and applied three addition cans worth of rhino liner to the interior, armoring up areas that had shown some wear, fixing scratches.

Both seats recline, which is AWESOME!!

So, I’ll have those installed first thing tomorrow. I should get back the fender flares tomorrow or the next day. And then I can put the rollcage on at my leisure.


Jeep #18: Pretty Toys!

Pretty toys!

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