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Jeep #18: Powered by Dinosaurs

I went on registered the car with the county today, so it now has official plates. With that done, I mounted the plate holder correctly (I had attached it to the rear bumper, because we forgot to put holes in the bondo when we redid the body word). Then Shauana and I went to go grab the fender flares from the Carriage Shop. Well… they fucked them up, the paint is hairy and cracked and… grr. So I talked to them and they are going to respray and treat the flares, but I have to sand down the rough parts… ugh.

Luckily, no one that sees the car seems to care even the slightest that there are white half-circles over the rear tires. They go nuts for it anyway. Also of note, kids recognize it and shout “cool car”… like, little kids, 5-10 years old. The Ecto was sort of lost on them, but the Jeep is a winner.

Also… I appreciate irony.

I think I’ll gas up exclusively at Sinclairs from now on, just to be funny.

I walk in to pay that cashier and he goes, “Dude, where are the dinosaurs?” I grinned and said, “Same place the ghosts are.” His mouth drops and he stutters out, “Oh man… those are your cars??”

Funny story.

Jeep #18: Vinyl Installed

Spent 2 minutes taking pictures… they aren’t great, but you’ll get better ones later.

Everything is excellent, fantastic, wonderful… except the 18s… their color is a little off. I’ll see what it looks like in daylight and then decide if I want them redone. 


Thass it for now!

Jeep #18: Coming Together

Bought a pair of rather generic foglights with plastic grating over them today.

Got the interior door panels in and secured.

Cleaned and primered the fenderflares just as it started pouring rain again.

Hoping hoping hoping to be done mid-week.

Jeep #18: New Speakers

If anyone ever wondered what a speaker would look like if you left it exposed to the elements for approximately 17 years… well…

There ya go.

Bought a pair of speakers, whipped off the dashboard, found speakers didn’t fit the mounts, drove to Home Depot to buy spacers, came back and re-drilled the speaker mounts to fit properly, then wired it all up.


They sound fucking fantastic! A youtube video just wouldn’t do it justice, but it phenomenal.

Jeep #18: Fender Flare Woes

So for the last week or so I have been at a standstill due to the fenderflares. Apparently, no one on earth knows how to properly paint plastic. I’ve heard a dozen different things from a dozen different sources.

My real snag is in trying to find a flex agent, a chemical you mix in to make your paint (a-duh), flexible. It’s $60 per pint, and I only need about a quarter of that.

It looks like I am going to have to hunker down and buy a pint, or make friends with the paint shop guys and see where else I can get this stuff, or less of it.

After that I have to heat up the flares (leaving them in the sun til mid-day will do the trick) to open up their pores, and then clean them with wax/grease remover and plastic prep. Then I have to coat them with adhesion promoter, which will help the paint bond to the plastic better. After that I rub on a layer of aloe and green tea cream… you get the idea.

After that I can paint them. I figure I’ll put on the flares for the wheel wells first, and then put on all the graphics and the rollbar as soon as the seats get here. I’ll take my time in figuring out how I am going to drill and attach the sidesteps later this month, probably.

The rollbar cover arrived, it’s a beautiful deep brown and is an unbelievable pain in the ass to put on the bars.

More soon, likely.

Jeep #18: Sahara Seats from eBay

LOOKIE what I got! 

Snagged these on eBay today. They are from a 1992 wrangler and are not only identical to those in the movie, but they have been under a hard-top jeep for the last 15 years… practically mint condition! 

The seller was hoping to get $400 for them, I managed to get them for much less. Shipping will be a bitch, but they are still cheaper than brand-new seats, and more accurate than seat covers. 

Those pouches are gonna come in handy…

I also managed to win this for $100. 

Matching rear seat, good condition.

Whew… glad that’s done.

Jeep #18: Bringing Sexy Back

NOW it’s a sexy jeep!

Jeep #18: Fender Flares and Tires

I was told early on that painting the plastic fender flares with the same paint I was going to use on the body of the car would be a bad idea because of how inflexible it is; anything bumps into the flares and the paint shatters. With that in mind, I decided to do the flares with a latex paint, priming them with average rattlecan primer.


Turns out this isn’t the case. Modern paint hardens to about the consistency of a bouncy ball… or so my new sources have said. So I am going to paint the flares with the extra paint I have ( I seriously have enough red and gray to do another jeep… maybe #10 this time, rip off the windshield and cover it in mud… maybe load an injured chaotician in the back?). Unfortunately, the primer I have on it is too weak for the high-quality paint to adhere to. I have to strip all six fender flares now. Luckily it’s not that hard, a little bit of laquer thinner and some steele wool… comes right off. It’s just a pain in the ass.

Now, on to the main event!

*Image Not Found*

I managed to get the wheels on yesterday. The tires were supposed to be at the store on Saturday, but apparently some driver chipped his tooth and… blah blah blah. The tires I bought were initially WAY too small, they look just goddamn silly. So I shelled out some more cash and got the next size up. They still seem a little small to me, but I figure I’ll wait until I have the flares on to decide if I need to go bigger.

*Image Not Found*

God they look cool!

There it is…

Right-side mirror arrived yesterday, it is so pretty and new, I may just replace the left-hand mirror as well… I mean they are only $34. Rollcage covers arrive tomorrow, so I’ll have the seatbelts and rollbar attached after I get back from Cheyenne.


Jeep #18: Painted Wheels and Rollcage

PROGRESS!! Didn’t get NEARLY as much done as I’d wanted. Grr.


Got the rollbars painted. Pretty much 98% of these will be covered, but if anyone looks closely at the seams, they’ll see a nice red rollcage.

Sanding down the pits and dents on these very very old wheels. Smoothed it out for primer.

After two coats of primer and a single coat of red. I need to wait til morning and sand down some cracks on the edges of the other two wheels before I can get red on them

These are going to look so UNBELIEVABLY badass!

These wheels will be fitted with brand-new BF Goodrich tires and mounted on the jeep this saturday.


Jeep #18: Jurassic Park Decals

Got them today… about $200 worth of 3-color vinyl, with paid labor to plot and vector out the numbers. Quite a bit of money, but they are soooooo pretty, and sooooo big!

I also scored 5 tires with the correct wheels.

I have tomorrow off, and HUGE to-do list!

-Shop for rollbar covers
-Get crap tires off of wheels
-Paint wheels
-Buy new tires
-Put new tires on shiny red wheels
-Paint fenders
-Put all old tires and wheels on Craigslist

If I have time and Chad lets me use his lift…
-Take old rear flares off
-Attach new flares
-Take off old tires and replace with shiny red ones

Here’s hoping it’s not a million degrees again!

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