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Whip Antenna

All the Jeeps in Jurassic Park feature a CB antenna (but no CB radio has been seen) that is mounted to the rear of the Jeep with a 102″ antenna running up in a loop to the front windshield. The antenna mounts to the Jeep with a standard surface ball mount with a spring inbetween. The parts can still be purchased from CB retailers such as Radio Shack, although available online only.

Mobile CB Antenna Ball Mount Base
Model: 21-1115

Chrome-Plated Spring CB Antenna Mount
Model: 21-1118

102″ Stainless Steel Whip Element for CB Antenna
Model: 21-903

The antenna is mounted to the rear of the Jeep on the main body pan. The antenna is secured to the windshield frame to prevent flopping around.

  • David Blanchard

    August 2nd, 2011

    what is the exacte colour of the jeep

  • AJ Quick

    September 7th, 2011

    Sand Beige Metallic.

  • SCS

    July 8th, 2013

    What is the proper way to secure the whip antenna to the windshield?

  • Brian Holder

    August 27th, 2013

    The Movie accurate way is with a hold down bracket attached to the light bar. It appears this was just some stuff the shop had lying around. It is not a standard “part” that can be bought. I choose to use a rope tie down, which I attached to my lightbar, as I found the extra flex of the rope kept the antenna from banging into the jeep/top/rollbars as much.

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